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Alphaeus Philemon Cole, N.A. American. 1876-1988.

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Portrait of Eugene Higgins, Age 80. 1954. 30 x 25 (framed 35 x 30). Higgins and Cole, both artists, lived in Lyme, Connecticut. Born in the same year, they were both 80 when the painting was executed. Housed in a gold leaf frame. Signed and dated, lower right. $5,500.

Cole and Higgins (1874-1958), both lived in Lyme, Connecticut. Higgins is posed informally, wearing ordinary clothes, seated in an old chair, smoking his pipe. This is delightful portrait of a friend by a friend.

Cole was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. His father was Timothy Cole (1852-1931), noted wood engraver. After graduating from college, Cole journeyed to London to begin a career in the arts. In the mid-1890s, he began to produce many vibrant works, mostly various still lifes and portraits. In 1901, Cole had some of his artwork displayed at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. Alphaeus Cole was a portraitist and still life painter, teacher, illustrator and writer. His preferred media were oil and watercolor.

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