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Robert Sargent Austin, R.A., P.R.E., P.R.W.S. 1895-1973.

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The Trace Horse. 1921. Etching. Dodgson 25.ii. Edition of 40. 6 1/2 x 8 (sheet 9 x 10 3/4). A rich impression printed with plate tone on cream laid paper. Signed and dated in pencil. The Trace Horse was the artist's diploma print for his acceptance as a member of The Royal Society of Painter-Etchers in 1928. $600.

Salaman write, in Modern Masters of Etching: Robert Austin, "The etching manner of The Horse of Ostend, however, was more to his taste for depicting faithfully the equine character, as he had done in The Trace Horse. That both these plates resembled somewhat those done with similar themes by the late Dutch engraver, Dupont, ws rather accidental than deliberate, the intimate background, with its row of buildings, the awninged shops, and the casual vehicles, having quite a friendly and personal look" (page 3).

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