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Edmund Blampied, R.E. British. 1886-1966.

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Seaweed Harvest, Jersey. 1936. Etching. Appleby 183. 12 x 14 1/4 (sheet 15 1/4 x 20). Edition 125 for The American College Society of Print Collectors. Signed in ink. $1,250.

The American College Society of Print Collectors was a national organization that helped to rekindle the interest in prints and printmaking across America in the early 1930's. It's was based in the Department of Fine Arts at Ohio State University. It sought commissions from artists such as John Sloan, Rockwell Kent, Kerr Eby, and others for the creation and distribution of a limited edition of prints to individual members of the society, mostly academics, and Universities and libraries. The standard edition was about 125 dictated by the number of members. Upon completion of a print series, the block, plate, stone, etc. would be ‘cancelled’ and furnished to the society.

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Edmund Blampied.

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