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Sir Frank Short, R.A., P.R.E. 1857-1945.

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Gathering the Flock on Maxwellbank. No. 2. 1892. Soft-ground etching. Hardie 273. A few proofs only -- rare.Printed on Japanese vellum. Signed in pencil. $300.

Hardie writes of No. 2, p. 41: "The same composition as the foregoing plate, but very lightly etchied' the foreground omitted and no effect of storm. A few proofs only. This was actually the first outdoor sketch of the subject, lightly bitten as a record, and should precede No. 1, but it seems advisable to retain the order given by Strange."

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The location is possibly Maxwellbank, New Abbey, Dumfries, Scotland, along the river Nith.

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