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James McBey. 1883-1959.

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The Dead Sea. 1921. Drypoint. Hardie 206. 7 13/16 x 11 3/4 (sheet 10 5/8 x 16). Edition 76, #23. Series: Third Palestine Set. A very rich impression with drypoint burr, printed on antique blue-toned paper. Signed and numbered in ink. $700.

Hardie writes, "In the summer of 1917, McBey was appointed by the War Office to the post of Official Artist in Egypt. In this capacity, he accompanied the Camel Corps and the troops throughout the desert war, witnessing the attack on Jelil and the liberation of both Jerusalem and Damascus.

This etching shows a patrol embarking at the northern edge of the Dead Sea on a mooomlit night. In the foreground are boats abandoned by the Turks, which have been holed with bayonet gashes. In the distance are the hills of Moab."

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