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Charles Huard. 1875-1965.

Twelve Etchings Made on the Front by Ch. Huard July 1916. Edition 150 printed on 'Arches' laid paper. Charles Huard's wife, Francis Wilson, lectured in America during the war and sold the etchings. The proceeds were used for maintaining a hospital in France.

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Charles Huard was a lithographer, etcher and illustrator. He initially studied etching with Eugène Béjot in Paris. His early etchings and lithographs center around cities and towns in France and Germany. During First World War I, he served as an official war artist for the French government. He made several series depicting French military life within the war zones. A well-known French lithographer, etcher and illustrator, Charles Huard first worked in Paris for such journals as Le Rire and La Journal Amusant. By 1900 he had emerged as a leading illustrator and was constantly commissioned by publishers. Through such fine illustrated books as Clemenceau's Figures de Vendée and Flaubert's Bouvard et Pecuchet, as well as the monumental complete works of Balzac, Huard gained his reputation as a prime delineator of everyday lifeā€¦ During the First World War, he served as an artist for the French government. The etchings and lithographs he made of French military life within the war zones provide an important and lasting record of the period.

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