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Fritz Eichenberg. 1901-1990.

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The Artist and the Seven Deadly Sins. 1975. Wood engraving. 9 5/8 x 7. Edition 100. A self portrait with the woodcut artist Naoko Matsubara portrayed as 'lust'. The seven deadly sins are: pride, avarice (greed), envy, gluttony, lust, sloth (idleness), slander. $975.

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Elenora. 1981. Wood engraving. 6 7/8 x 3 3/4 (sheet 11 1/8 x 8 1/2). Proof apart from the edition for the Print Club of Cleveland. Printed on white wove paper. Signed and dedicated "To Jane" in pencil. $175.

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Fritz Eichenberg was born in Cologne, Germany. He worked as a printer's apprentice and studied at both the Municipal School of Applied Arts in Cologne and the Academy of Graphic Arts in Leipzig. He began his career as a graphic artist and illustrator in 1923, working for various publications and as freelance illustrator. In 1933, anxious about the rise of National Socialism, he emigrated with his wife and child to New York. Eichenberg worked for the WPA's Federal Arts Project from his arrival to the end of the decade. He taught art at the New School for Social Research and at Pratt Institute, where he established and headed the Graphic Arts Department, and opened the Pratt Graphic Arts Center in Manhattan. He later served as the head of the art department at University of Rhode Island, and laid out the printmaking studios there. Eichenberg was a prolific book illustrator, and published numerous portfolios on various themes. He died at Peace Dale, Rhode Island in 1990.

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