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School of/Style of Albrecht Dürer (1580-1620).

The Entombment of Christ. c.1471-1528. Engraving. 9 1/4 x 7 (236 x 177 mm). Collector's seal verso: Knoedler and Co. OE (Old engravings Lugt 2007). Inscriptions: Rim of sarcophagus: 1507; tree: cartello with monogram; above, left, cartello: SICVT IN ADA OM/NES MORIVNTVR/ITA ET IN CHRISTO/OMN TYPE. Signed in the plate with false monogram and date AD 1507. Provenance: Dr. Eugene A. Noble. $1,250.

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The entombment of Christ; on the right St Joseph and two men are lowering the body of Christ into the tomb, on the right the Virgin sitting, behind her Johannes, on the left in the background the city of Jerusalem and a rising sun, above which a putto with an inscribed shield, in the right background forest and a ruin.

The figure group is in the style of Albrecht Dürer, but it is not a compilation from his work. There are later impressions with the addresses of Johann Balthasar Probst and Johann Michael Probst, on some impressions appears the name of the publisher Jeremias Wol (Johan Balthasar Probst's father-in-law). In the 18th century, this print was to be believed by Dürer, Ref.: Heller 2254 Matthias Mende, Wirkung und Nachleben Dürers Nuremberg 1976, no. 113. Johann Balthasar Probst lived in Augsburg in Southern Germany. He worked as a versatile copper engraver. In 1724 he inherited a publishing company from his master and father-in-law Jeremias Wolf.

Other impressions: British Museum, from whom most of the above information is taken;

Princeton: The Entombment.

The National Gallery of Art National Gallery of Art: online database: entry 1994.60.67: The Entombment.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Entombment.

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