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Andy Warhol. 1928–1987.

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The Souper Dress. 1965. Screenprint, on Cellulose Dress. Size small. c. 36 x 22 inches. Stamped, Features the Souper dress label at the neck. It comes with the original brown mailing envelope and instruction insert. Never worn, with no alterations; rare in fine original condition. Foundry/Publisher Campbell's Soup Company. Unsigned, as issued. $4,500.

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The disposable Souper Dress, covered with repeating likenesses of Campbell’s soup cans, had been designed by the company in response to Andy Warhol’s iconic “Campbell’s Soup Cans” (1962). In the late 1960s, the dress was available for those whosent in the labels of any two Campbell’s vegetable soups, $1 USD and one's dress size.

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