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Vu Cao Dam. Vietnamese. 1908 - 2000.


La Rencontre (The Meeting). 1969. Oil on canvas. 25 x 30 (Framed: 321/4 x 37 1/4 x 2). Signed and dated 'Vu cao dam 69' lower right., 1969. Excellent original condition. Housed in the original Italianate frame. Provenance: Waly Findlay Galleries, with the original guarantee of authenticity booklet, dated November 69.' Price upon request.

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Vu Cao Dam was born in 1907in Hanoi. As an affluent youth in Vietnam's capital, Vu Cao Dam received extensive education in art. Inspired by artistic mentor Victor Tardieu, Vu Cao Dam Hanoi-born (1908) painter and sculptor Vu Cao Dam lived in and studied art in France from the 1930s until his death in 2000. The substantial geographic separation between his homeland of Vietnam and his adopted home of France was not mirrored in his artistic style, as he continued to include elements and techniques of his Oriental heritage in his work throughout his career. The artist is part of a small group of elite Vietnamese painters who are credited for the early 20th century birth of Vietnamese modern art.

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