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Utamaro II. died c. 1831.

First a pupil of Harumachi, popular author of the time, later said to have married the widow of Utamaro, callinghimself then Utamaro Nidai. Sopposedly worked with Utamaro on some of his prints. Always a much lesser figure. After Utamaro's death, his pupil Koikawa Shuncho, married Utamaro's widow and continued to produce prints in his mentor's style, and took over the go Utamaro until 1820; these are now referred to as the work of "Utamaro II". After 1820 he changed his go to Kitagawa Tetsugoro, and produced his subsequent work under that name.

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[Courtesan, Her Son, and a Curious Client]. Possibly a parody of the legend of Kintaro and Yama-uba.c. 1824. Vertical oban. 13 7/8 x 9 1/4. Publisher: Mori-ya Jihei (Mori-Ji) Kinshindo. Traces of fold marks (the print had been folded into quarters). Signed: Utamaro. $950.

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