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Mayumi Oda. Born 1941.

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Rain in May. 1975.Woodcut printed in colors. 28 1/2 x 21 1/2 (sheet 33 1/2 x 24). Edition 35, #23. Signed and titled in pencil. A rare early woodcut with bright, fresh colors, in excellent condition. $1,850.

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Known to many as the “Matisse of Japan,” Mayumi Oda has done extensive work with female goddess imagery. Born to a Buddhist family in Japan in 1941, Mayumi studied fine art and traditional Japanese fabric dying. In 1966 she graduatied from Tokyo University of Fine Arts. Mayumi’s unique apprenticeship dying fabric for kimonos influences the color and composition of all of her work. In her paintings and prints she depicts powerful goddesses in the Buddhist tradition,

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Ukiyoe: Twentieth Century.

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