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James McBey. 1883-1959.

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Santa Maria della Fava, Venice. 1925. Etching and drypoint. Hardie/Carter 234. 13 x 8 1/2 (sheet 16 11/16 x 11 1/8). Edition 80, #9. Print Collector's Quarterly 24 (1938): 430. A rich tonal impression, printed in black/brown ink on French laid blue/green paper from an antique volume. Signed and numbered in ink. $1,750.

Hardie writes, "The façade of the church of Santa Maria della Fava by moonlight. On the pavement in front people are arriving by gondola and passing into the church. (The upper portion of the plate is etched; the gondola with its two figures andthe reflection on the water are in dry-point.)

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