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Martin Lewis, N.A. 1881-1962.

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Trade Winds. c. 1918. Drypoint. McCarron 25.7 7/8 x 11 3/4 (sheet 12 x 15 1/4). 22 recorded impressions (intended edition 50). A rich impression with drypoint burr printed on cream wove paper. Blindstamp: 'ISSUED BY / FRANCIS H. ROBERTSON/ print publisher / NEW YORK CITY AND WESTPORT, CONN." Signed in pencil. $3,250.

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McCarron writes, page 79: "The subject and treatment of this print closely related to three earlier prints: In the Tropics (No. 8) and Speed and Sunshine (No. 12), both of 1916, and Clearing Weather [Leaping Porpoises] (No. 24) of circa 1918. Circa 1918 seems more logical than the 1926 date assigned by the Crafton Collection, presumably with Lewis's knowledge, as it does not fit stylistically with other prints made in 1926. It is possible that Lewis began the plate in 1916 and completed it in 1926, although any changes he may have made are unrecorded."

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Martin Lewis.

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