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Martin Lewis, N.A. 1881-1962.

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Spring Night, Greenwich Village. 1930. Drypoint and sand ground. McCarron 85. 10 x 12 3/8 (sheet 13 1/4 x 15 5/8)). Edition 92. A rich, tonal impression printed on laid paper. Signed in pencil. Housed in a 21 x 22 1/2-inch gold and silver Art Deco style frame . Price upon request.

The location is probably Bedford Street.

Lewis was awarded the Charles M. Lea prize from the Print Club of Philadelphia for two consecutive years in 1930 and 1931 for The Glow of the City (1929) and Spring Night, Greenwich Village (1930).

McCarron writes, page, 154: "Like a movie's opening scene, Spring Night, Greenwich Village presents a flurry of expository activity-lovers in a doorway, a cobbler working in his shop, walking passers-by, and running children - all figures in varying degrees of motion from slow to fast."

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