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Hiromitsu Takahashi. Born 1959.

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Shibaraku. c. 1975. 6 x 6 (sheet 11 7/8 x 9 1/4). Edition 100, #2. A dramatic impression printed on tan mulberry paper. Numbered, signed in Japanese and English in pencil; titled verso. $250.

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Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1959, Hiromitsu graduated from Nihon University in 1981, and currently operates out of the Tokyo area. His methods and style show the strong influence of Yoshitoshi Mori, a stencil print artist whom Hiromitsu's parents served as printers.His prints depict figures from the kabuki theatre.

Shibaraku is among the most popular pieces in the Kabuki repertoire. The English translation of the title is akin to "Stop a Moment!" The lead actor, assaulted by villains, stops the play, and speaks out of character to the audience; and then resumes his part.

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Ukiyoe: Twentieth Century (small images).

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