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Carl Hentschel. 1864-1930


Joseph Pennell, N.A. 1857-1926

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Gargoyle of Paris. 1894. Wood engraving. 11 x 8 (sheet 18 7/8 x 12 5/8). From The Devils of Notre Dame. A series of eighteen illustrations by Joseph Pennell, with descriptive text by Robert Alan Mowbray Stevenson Published 1894 by Pall Mall Gazette in London. 10 pages. Drawn on 'Japanese vellum. Signed 'C. Hentschel sc' (drew) in ink. A striking image in a format that combines the artistry of pen-and-ink drawing and reproductive block carving and printing. $125.

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Carl Hentschel was a key figure in the new era in visual representation that came into being during the 1890s. Born in Lodz, Poland, in March 1864, Hentschel arrived in England with his parents at the age of five. His father, August Hentschel, professed to have worked with Louis Daguerre and trained his son in a number of reproduction techniques that August had devised. In 1887, at the age of twenty-three, the young man set up his own business, Carl Hentschel and Company, specializing in line reproduction of pen-and-ink illustrations through a combination of mechanical and manual techniques. The blocks produced by the new photomechanical techniques required considerable adjustment and retouching by hand. The services of an experienced process house and a knowledgeable art editor were therefore important.

Hentschel was an illustrator for Scribners and the London Illustrated News. The Hentschel Company issued Some Illustrations of Process Printing: with a Few Practical Remarks. London: C. Hentschel [circa 1890]. to show off the various printing techniques that could be produced by the company. Included are individual prints, reproductions of photographs, book illustrations, and advertising material. Hentschel worked closely with Joseph Pennell on his experiments in reproducing illustrations for the daily press. Hentschel also engraved process blocks for Joseph Pennell's Modern Illustration.

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