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Deirdre Allinson. Born 1968.

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Baby Eggplants, Singapore. 2014. Color photograph printed on Hahnemuhle paper. 10 x 14 (sheet 12 x 18). This photograph is custom made in your choice of medium (fine art paper, metal, acrylic or canvas) and size. Signed in pencil. $350.

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Baby eggplants are petite eggplants that grow only two to three inches in length. Their shape can vary from short and stout to slightly elongated and narrow tapering just slightly towards their stem capped top or calyx. Its smooth skin is thin and varies in hue from shiny deep purple, bright white and lavender to sometimes even green depending upon variety. Its flesh is cream colored with a subtly sweet flavor offering a more tender flesh when compared to that of larger sized eggplants.

Baby eggplants, botanically a member of Solanum melongena are a member of the nightshade family, Solanaceae as are tomatoes. The term “baby” in Baby eggplant refers not necessarily to the maturity level of the eggplant but more so to its petite size. Baby eggplants are sometimes marketed as Indian eggplant and Patio eggplant. There are also other baby sized varieties such as Thai eggplant and Bambino hybrid eggplant. The most commonly grown Baby eggplants are rounded with a purple hued skin though recently new varieties have come on the market in varying shapes and shades of white, green, lavender and purple.

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