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Mario Cassisa. 1929-2008.

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Seattle - The Puget Sound. Un nouvo Moudo de esplorare -- assimilore. (A new way to explore -- assimilate). 1955-65 Collage with pen and ink, on wove paper mounted on masonite. 16 3/4 x 12 (sheet 19 11/16 x 13 3/4). Signed and dated in ink. $500.

Mario Cassisa, born in Palermo, lived and worked in Trapani Street, Poet Calvin No.23 where he created his museum-workshop. For Cassisa, art and life are indivisible. His research method began in the 1950's when he studied with Mark Tobey. His interest in literature, anthropology, archeology are the substrata of his art.

His long stays abroad to Japan, Mexico, Hawaii, North America, Florida, and England have influenced his art, which can be divided in the following periods:
California: Abstract painting 1959/1964;
Rome: Search stylistic 1965/1968;
Boston: Flowers Astali 1968/1970;
Mexico: Maya-Azteca 1965/66 1977/79;
Florida Caribbean: Totemica.Afro 1975/79;
Sicily: 1980/1986 churches and monuments;
Paris: Le Parc de Mont Souris 1988/1990;
Summary XXI Century - Trapani 1992;
Le Labyrinthe de la Memoria - Trapani 1994;

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