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Catherine (Therin) Brooks, B.F.A. American. Born 1976.

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Hortus Conclusis (Enclosed Garden) 2008. Oil/mixed media on board. 17 1/2. x 14 1/2 , Signed, titled and annotated, verso. Housed in a thematically- decorated silver leaf frame. $1,500.

This painting is a part of a body of work the artist made before transitioning gender and continuing to paint under the name 'Therin Brooks' in 2015.

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Catherine (Therin) Brooks has a BFA in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute of Art and Design in Brooklyn, NY and completed a residency at Campus Hanoi in Vietnam. The artist has shown regularly in galleries over the past six years. Resumé highlights include participation in The Kokeshi Show at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. Solo shows: The Proposition Gallery in NYC, Thinkspace Gallery in LA, Ghostprint Gallery in Richmond, VA. The artist's work has been sold at Aqua Miami, Scope: London,Miami, New York and Basel Art Fairs.

The artist has built a body of work unrestricted by medium or scale, though always within the context of personal mythology. Using a vocabulary that spans from revelevant media imagery to late 18th-century classical symbolism, the artist layers works with esoteric fables replete with psychological meddlings. Based around legends both lived and heard, the works are They are artifacts of personal dreams and adventures, an often sensual symbiosis with hints of more great tales and legends to come.

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